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Tournament Details

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FAQ Portland Metro Open Cricket Tournament 2008



All you need to know about the tournament.


What kind of Cricket gear do we need?

The matches are played using a special kind of tennis ball that is harder than normal tennis ball. Though hard it does not require any special protective gear to wear while batting. Atleast for true men!! You need bats, regular cricket bats are good enough, but just that you know, they make lighter bats for Tennis ball cricket. Keeping gloves may be handy.


Where do we play?

We will use THPRD designated ground at Mountain View High School in Aloha, Oregon. The ground is a baseball ground. We will use special, inexpensive mats as pitch.


What days are the matches?

Since the ground is alloted for Sundays between 9AM and 6PM, all matches will be scheduled to be played during that time.


What is the duration of each match?

Each match will be played with 16 overs per side. From past experience we determined that a match lasts for 3 hours.


What is the cost per team to participate in the tournament?

There are certain expenses that the tournament will incur this year onwards. There is a central pool that is formed and administered by a designated person. The cost involved are:

  1. Ground usage. THPRD charges $2.50/hour. Based on he schedule we'll determin the total cost per team.

  2. Hard Tennis Balls - Please read a previous communication from Arun Batish

              Currently we are seeing a lot of problems in what balls to use for games, specifically the batch of balls I got MRI White turned out there  is difference in balls thickness of Fir between boxes causing a lot of inconvenience to us as well as opponent, I came across this Cool

website and investigated the quality of balls, and I propose switching to these balls for next season, at a minimum I am planning to order some to try out and we should order only Heavy Ball just in case u r considering to order some. Brand name is called as "Nivia".


              Here is the URL



       Organizers will procur the recommended ball and teams can buy out of that pool or they can buy themselves from the website.

       Each team will take turn is providing match balls (2 per match). This will be part of the schedule.

   3. MATS - We will use a special mat as the pitch. These mats sell for $50 at Home Depot. 3 mats will be procured for the tournament. The $150  will be split among participating teams.

Copyrights 2009. Portland Metro Open Cricket League

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